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Jump Start Communications tailors energetic and interactive workshops for young people, that introduces them to the fundamentals of engaging and effective communication and other integral life skills.

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Why we do what we do

We are passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential to become confident individuals with strong self-expression and excellent communication skills that are required in the ever-evolving job market.

"The work you do and the way that you do it is inspirational to watch and it must be very rewarding for you to have such a positive and immediate impact on people. I really enjoyed your sessions and I think people who worked with you will have gained more confidence in their own ability than they would have believed possible.”
Prue Francis
Committee 4 Wagga
Why we do what we do

Jump Start Communications mission is to be the leading provider of face-to-face and online communication based skill building programs for young people.


Research has proven that by developing social skills and ensuring young people are confident in the way they communicate, their lives are dramatically improved which in turn leads to a much more fulfilled and enjoyable life.


Jump Start Communications has recognised that despite the critical role that confident self-expression plays in the professional world, it is largely absent from the school and university curriculum across Australia.


Whilst technical and academic skills are vital, equipping our young people with the ability to express themselves confidently and authentically will dramatically transform their career prospects and be extremely beneficial to their well-being.

Building a confident future

One of the most powerful tools to help students develop core social and emotion strengths is communication.

Building a confident future

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"Jum is both an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter able to increase the ability of our School Prefects to speak in public in both a professional and effective manner.”
Dean Dell'Oro
Geelong Grammar School